Student of the Month - Ms. Ella

Published: Jun 8, 2015  |   Category: Uncategorized

We thought we would take some time to get to know each of our students a little bit better. So we will feature a short interview with one student each month. 

Today, we talk with Ms. Ella. Let's find out more about why she rocks!

Ms. Ella

What is your favorite thing about music lessons?    
Learn(ing) different songs and chords.

What are some of your musical goals? 
To create songs.

Why do you like to play the guitar? 
I really enjoy it first of all. And it's very peaceful.

What other things do you enjoy besides guitar? 
Dance, basketball and soccer.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

Favorite book?
Jake and Lilly.

Favorite movie? 
Maze Runner

Favorite song?
Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.

What’s the most important thing for us to know about you? 
(That I) love guitar.

What is one thing we could do to make your lessons better? ?
Nothing :) but I could work on practicing more.

Thank you Ella for the interview!

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