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Published: Jan 12, 2015  |   Category: Uncategorized

Well, you’ve made your resolutions on January 1st. They include some of the common themes: lose weight, give more hugs, stop chewing your fingernails, and learn to play the guitar. So how is it going now that we are halfway through January?

Are you beginning to feel like you are never going to achieve rock star status by letting your guitar sit in the corner collecting dust?  How does one accept this failure?
For that I will turn to Claire Colburn from the movie Elizabethtown. Claire is a “glass half-full” kind of gal that we all need in our corner. In the movie she meets Drew Baylor, who experiences his own failure at the company he works at. In return, Claire gives this timeless advice, which will hopefully bring you peace:

“You have five minutes to wallow in the delicious misery of your failure. Enjoy it, embrace it, discard ...and proceed.”

Wise words, Claire. 

So, now that you have done your required wallowing, what are you going to do about your goals? (Forget resolutions; they were made specifically for breaking them in order to make you feel bad). Great question.

o something about it.  Watch a YouTube video. Learn how to tune your instrument. Find a friend who is willing to show you a few things. Make a call to an instructor (we’re rather partial to this one). The point is anything you do is better than what you are doing now. So make a move, partner.

Do it NOW!   Waiting, procrastinating, or whatever else you want to call it has not got you where you want to be. So why wait another minute? Make a phone call, shoot an email or write a letter (HA!) and get off your buns. Now.

Find your “why?”  This one sounds kind of weird. What exactly does it mean? Finding your “why” is important when starting any new journey. It helps keep you focused when things get difficult. It’s easy to want to quit when you’re not seeing the kind of progress you desire, but remembering the reason for starting will help those hard times be a little less hard.

Tell your friends/family/roommate/neighbor/co-worker   Get excited! Share your passion with those around you. Tell everyone who will listen about you taking up the guitar and your reasons for doing so. You will find that people will encourage and uplift you, giving you a stronger resolve. Plus, it’s harder to quit once you’ve told everyone that you plan on headlining the Warped Tour someday.

Learning the guitar is not hard. It’s fun, therapeutic, and easy to get started quickly. And now, frankly, after this article, you are out of excuses. It’s your move.

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